I got two offers for DE I don't need!

It is possible to donate the code to another member who might want it?
Both price reductions:
(Soundbuds slim+ (bt) and Soundbuds verve (cable))

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Where are these codes from? If they are on the power user page you have to request them and then write a review on them. If their the coupon codes from the valentine’s day giveaway I suppose you could give then away

I got these offer at my PU-site. But how can I write a review, without buying those, as I dont need the buds at all.

Just create a review for them or email them to cancel the review. Although it would have an effect on you getting products from Anker in the future :wink:

Only claim them if you want or need them, otherwise leave it alone and wait for other products to show up. Because if you do claim them you have to write a review, as @graphicflowyt mentioned if you claim them and cancel it it will affect you getting future products


Might be. :relaxed::relaxed: