I dreamt I went to Ankers office

So now I’m awake with 1 hour to go before I need to be up for work. But I just had to post this before I forget.

So I was dreaming about going to some company for a job interview, and when I got there they told me the position was filled after the first interview. I was pretty bummed out but nothing I could do, and since this company shared a building with a bunch of other companies I decided to see if any of them were hiring. But first I went down stairs to the café and got a coffee, as I was talking to the cashier I heard someone say Anker’s order us ready. I thought I heard wrong but I asked “did they just say Anker’s order is ready” and the cashier said yea there office us down the hall. I quickly grabbed my change and went looking for the office. I was greeted by a big blue A (the one at the top of this forum) on the wall and a nice frosted glass entrance. I got supper excited and I had to tell myself to pull it together. After a few minutes I went inside, no one was at the main desk and I assumed it was lunch time or they went to the bathroom so I waited and waited. After about 20 to 39 minutes I heard people talking in the back and still no one was up front, so I walked to the back, all the while saying hello hello anyone here. This guy aproached me and greeted me as Terrence, he said he was in charge of marketing or something. He asked what brought me in and I told him about the job interview and he told me that happens often in that building, he then asked how I came about to their office and I said when I heard the name I got excited because I Love Anker products, just as I said that in tandem him and two other guys chimed in and said that everyone always claims to live anker products.
Terrence invited me to sit down with them and he introduced the other two guys but I can’t remember their name. As we chat they were about to order lunch for the office and asked if I wanted anything, since I didn’t have any money I told them no. But in the end they ordered food for everyone. As we ate they asked me a few more questions about what I do and how I came across anker products. I answered and then they said they had to get back to work and I was gonna leave. But as we were walking out one of the guys was in the community forum and I said hey I’m on there too, he asked what my name was and I pointed out that that was my profile he was just on. He said well congrats you reached level 7, Terrence had to go so he left me with that guy. He told me to grab a seat and proceeded to talk to me about the community forum and asked for my opinion on where they should take it and what they need to do. I told him everything that should be taken into consideration was already posted by all the members. I told him which thread and he quickly took notes of all the suggestions and asked me the top 5 that were crucial, I went over them and then he said he had a lot of work to do and he will keep in touch with me. He paged Rosa to escort me to the front, he introduced her to me and briefly explained to her who I was and she immediately said hey you emailed me yesterday about the poweruser program, I was stoked she remembers with as much emails as they get. She was super nice to me as was everyone else and I said my goodbyes to that gentleman and followed Rosa. She walked me to the front and told me to wait right there, she dissappeared into what looks like a storage room. When she came out she handed me a Anker bag and told me this was a goodie bag she wanted me to have. I got even more excited but she told me to save my excitement for later, I asked what she meant and told me they would be in touch.

As I left I looked in the bag, it was rather heavy and I soon found out why. I shut the bag and quickly made my way home, once there I dumped the nag on my bed. Inside was a large bluetooth speaker that said prototype on the side, a few powerline plus cables and a few powrbanks, and the granddaddy of it all was a ticket to their Shenzhen office. I quickly got on the forum to post my experience and there was a message waiting for me, it was from the guy I was talking to. He said by now I should have discovered the ticket and Terrence was so impressed with me that he wanted me to go to the Shenzhen office and pitch some ideas to them about what we the people of the forum want to be made. I couldn’t believe it was happening and I even shouted thank you Anker…but apparently I shouted that in my dream for real and my wife woke me up and told me to be quite. And my dream was crushed because it was just a dream :frowning:


Haha Looks like you had a great night !


Sorry for long winded post, I just wanted to share my dream. I looked up who Terrence is because I didn’t know he was an actual person but it turns out he’s real. His full name is Terrence Wang and he really is the head of marketing

Wow, you must have read his name one day, and you stored this info somewhere in your head, just waiting for last night ^^

I’m not even sure, but I have 25 more minutes of sleep before I have to get up for work so I’m gonna crash. Gd night

Sleep tight :wink:

Arrrrr this is fab Rob.
Would be an awesome day out for sure.

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I was so stoked and then bummed when I realized it was just a dream. But could you imagine if that really happened it would be the bees knees
@AnkerOfficial let’s make this happen haha

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Ha ha ha, that’s great! Wow, I wish I could remember this much detail about my dreams!


I literally wrote this as soon as I woke up so i wouldn’t forget anything

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:joy: I’m glad you shared it l,it was hilarious


LOL! Great dream! And you didn’t even get to play with all your loot before she woke you up. Hahaha.

I can only say, that I never remember what I dream hahaha :joy:

I just realized I dreamt I reached level 7 but that really did happen that day :blush:


It’a magical…Yes! Terrence Wang is our marketing leader…How did you know this…unbelievable…:joy::joy::joy:

Honestly I never heard of him until my dream and having looked it up afterwards. Crazy how our minds work and the things we dream…can we really make this a reality haha

Wow…this is one crazy dream…

I’m thinking that maybe you were browsing Anker on LinkedIn, and subconsciously you read some of the employees names so that’s why they showed up in your dreams.

Looking back on this dream, and where we are now I really wish this had happened. I know that I have had sit downs and conference calls with a few of the marketing teams and would love to be able to do that with each subsidy brand anker has. It would totally blow my mind if I ever got an actual hand in what goes on or comes to the market.

Hmm, maybe Nebula can be the next one to reach out to me

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