I demoed Powercore 26800+ at my work's safety meeting

I gave a short talk about “battery safety during air travel”. I was surprised to know that not many of my colleagues knew about the 100 Wh limit for battery packs in carry-on bags.
I also proudly showed my shiny Powercore 26800+ as the max allowable sized battery pack and everyone wanted to hold it and asked me lot of questions about it.
I’m sure some of my colleagues will get Anker :slight_smile:

Did I say that “This thing is built like a Tank”

Amazon Product Link


Haha, sell the brand :joy:


That is awesome! I’m sure they will purchase Anker tech through Amazon and Anker webstore too! I also have the PowerCore+ 26800 and just love it!

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Love my Anker 26800


That’s an awesome story! It’s like the Anker version of bring your pet to school day. :grin:


:laughing: Thanks for sharing this with us!
You could involve the product link in your post to let more people know the details.:thumbsup:


@AnkerTechnical Thanks for pointing that out. Just updated amazon link and some product pictures.

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Now now now. Let’s not compare community members to anker products :joy:. Now you have to apologize to @Tank :joy:

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i’m sure @Tank won’t mind :joy:

Not at all, lol

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