I could use some help from you all

I asked this question over on the Soundcore Forum, but I figured I would ask here as well.

I posted a thread 2 days ago asking the best way to gift a pair of LP2’s to someone in my community. It was clear that finding someone that was either a first responder/teacher/student/etc was the best way to go. I sent out a post on Facebook to a group that is based around my city that I am apart of letting them all know what I wanted to do and to either comment or PM me as to who they think could use them.

This is where I need everyone’s help. I received a decent amount of messages thus far (I let them know I would let whomever know on Saturday) and as @Duane_Lester suggested, I want to leave it up to the community to decide whom out of this group could use them the most.

I redacted some information (full names) but really would love some help deciding. I know I will receive more between today and Saturday, but at least I narrow it down because frankly I don’t know how people decide in other situations who should get something like this.
I did verify the situations of each of these (ones I chose out of the multitude I received) with the groups admins who are either city council members or long standing community members.

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I know this doesn’t answer you post directly.
But in school activities we help with we will select the winner by giving the qualifying statements numbers.
Writing the numbers on pieces of paper and drawing one from a hat.
As we find, as you are, everyones statements are worthy.

We found when trying to judge someones suitability from their statement was difficult, as you are.
We also found the statements could be elaborated bybthe writer to make their plea more deserving.
Or the person trying to judge was swayed by any personal aspect in the statement - charity preferences, mention of kids, jobs or specific illness.

Whichever you pick, good luck to you and well done.


+1 to @paulstevenewing statements, completely agree to these…

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100% agree. I am using this as more of a jump point for establishing which are more compelling than others. My original thought was to do it out of a hat (or random draw generator) as one may be more likely to chose something that is either close to a situation of theirs or another they know which sways a vote towards that in the end. My personal thought when I started out was that I would not have the same amount of traction as I currently have with it because normally people are a little less likely to “lay it out in a public forum” for others to know their current situation, but that worked the exact opposite.

I see where each person who has sent me something is coming from. Some are more well off than others, some are just wanting something handed to them so they adjust their story to pull on a heart string more. But after speaking with the people I did within my city, I found it to be a lot more difficult to exclude some like that because they are all legitimate. I am not letting anyone on the post on FB know who gets them, because that is not something that I want to do. The overall reasoning for wanting to do it this way was just to get a smaller group as well as to give people the opportunity to chose as well as I did not purchase them, but won it via a contest on Soundcore.

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I’d always avoid people describing a bad situation as it feels like exaggeration to gain chances, there’s a couple like that, but I’d otherwise pick random.

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I applaud what you’re doing @Fuu_bar it’s a very noble gesture :+1:t2:

I have two earbuds I’m waiting to gift. The winner, I’d do in real life, face to face, not online, cannot ask for them but just needs to complement my buds and wish they had some similar. I give to those who need, not want.


this is how I have done giving away so far, only to family members and friends / colleagues I have met and known… no ambiguity and no shipping hassle :smiley:


That is actually a solid way to do it. I have one other pair I have been holding onto, so I may have to borrow that idea lol.

Only reason I did it this way for these is because I love my city and everyone in it. I have yet to come across anyone who has been negative in the past 4 years, only positivity and a will to help others.

I’ve seen parents walking with their kids who had buckets and grabbers picking things off people’s front lawn between the sidewalk and street. Asked them what it was about and they said their kids friends had done it and they wanted to do it too. Couldn’t have been older than 7.

Was walking with both of my kids in a stroller around the neighborhood and a family was out on a ride and passed us. The mom stopped me, asked if my older daughter wanted a book to read and pulled one out of the basket on the front of her bike and gave it to her.

Had another guy chase me down the street to return a small toy that I didn’t see my daughter chuck from the stroller

I have a pitbull (obviously from my profile pic lol) and I consistently have people stop us when we are out with him walking to pet him in the best way (hand out for him to sniff)

The list goes on and on. My wife wanted to move to a new area because our house is on the smaller side only to tell me how much she loves it and the schools are within walking distance, so we are adding an addition on in the next couple of months so we can stay.

Point I am getting at is it is honestly the least I could do for someone around here, and that’s why I asked the admins if they could attest to the posts in any way. If they didn’t know the person personally, they found someone who did and let me know.

I wasn’t trying to post it on here for any type of recognition or anything. I did it more for help with it because I cannot choose and didn’t want to leave it to a random draw and because I wouldn’t have had this pair if it wasn’t for community members. I am still going to take your idea though on the other pair, but keep it between me and the other person alone.


I’ve had far more success giving away smaller Powercore.

It goes “my phone is flat”
" Let me solve that…"
“Ooh that’s a good idea, where you get that?”
“Here, keep it, I have another at home”.


I am not voting on this one as I have already voted on the other and not want to mess with the numbers being duplicated. It is a nice thing he is doing.

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