I Challenge Anker: Release a Product Before We Find It

I present Anker a challenge (as inspired by @professor many times in the past).

I challenge you to release a product before any member of the community posts about it. I cannot remember the last time a product was released unexpectedly or without prior knowledge.

Official press releases (via PR Newswire) are few and far between. There has only been one this year (for PowerExpand Elite 13-in-1 and PowerExpand+ 7-in-1 Mini Thunderbolt 3 Docks). Even that was 13 days after the release on Amazon.

This leads me (and many other community members) to wonder what Anker’s marketing team does. Products are very rarely formally announced.

So, I challenge you, Anker. Release a product with your own marketing before we report on it.


@Insider good challenge :wink: But I think you will win before anyone


I am not challenging fellow community members; I am challenging Anker. Why should I beat them to announcing their own products?

I like it. To be clear, you don’t mean “announce it before we find out”, you mean a full fledged release?


So Josh @insider how do you know they aren’t already. What are your sources? Are they deliberately trying to create a social media buzz by leaking it - your sources?

I notice some of your leaks are Amazon images, so from hidden Amazon listings.

I challenge Anker from an electronics and component cost component perspective, something XXX is technically viable so go make it.

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Yes, like most companies.

My sources aren’t people though.

I know, and those challenges are fantastic, but as you know, I am more interested in marketing than engineering, so I am challenging the marketing team. Is there anything wrong with that?

The challenge was over before it even started. @insider you are the winner :clap:


No, I would love for Anker to win this one.

So, say, the Powerconf S30 thing…

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Yes, exactly!

I am not disagreeing, I am putting a counter, almost devil’s advocate position.

Hypothesis (to be proven or disproven):

You are a pawn in Anker’s marketing. If Anker simply launched a product, kept it secret then announced, then released, then whatever (I notice you are not stating your non-human sources) route you are using will have to be closed, and they’d have to keep whatever paths as closed, and all that would happen is instead of you announcing it, they then do it later. What they have you doing is creating in this community a buzz, so we discuss it multiple times for longer. Indeed the less we know the more we guess and discuss, and create more words.

So hypothesis is Marketing are deliberately using you to get more attention than if they simply announced it. Prove that wrong.



If that was the case, then why wouldn’t they be doing more of their own teasers?

Well if you did not pre-announce, downed tools, they might have to.

Plus you’re free.


Yeah, about that… :laughing:


Before @Insider started making the announcements here, anker rarely did them for products at all… which is why Josh started doing them (or so I’m told)…


Anker may have picked up a trick or 2 from Apple for creating the buzz :rofl:

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Apple is nothing.

Samsung has “accidentally” put photos of their last 5 (I think) major releases a few weeks before launch :rofl:,


That combined with the fact that it was nearly impossible to figure out what the latest Anker releases were.

I think Samsung just has to try a bit harder in order to achieve the same effect.

I generally agree. Some of my posts get thousands of views but most just get hundreds.

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So, Josh @Insider some how you fell in trap created by Anker to leak these :thinking: jk :grin: