I can't use the Anker Soundcore Life Q10 microphone

I was quite disappointed. I couldn’t operate the microphone on the desktop computer. They told me to install Driver, I couldn’t find anything like this. Firmware Update didn’t work either.

1- Does the microphone work wired?

2- What should I do if the cable is not working? Do I have trouble if I use Bluetooth adapter usb 4.0?
My English is very bad, I’m sorry.

You should remove the driver comes with WIN and install the bt driver from the manufacturer of your bt card instead.
If you are not so familiar with computers ask someone for help.

And you could use the “search funcion” (magnifier) at this forum.
May be you will find some answers (solutions)

Always make sure to install the drivers

I couldn’t find anyone who got the error from the search section. Desktop computers do not have a Win driver. No Bluetooth driver.

You use a desktop PC, right?
You use WIN10?
If there is no built in bt card in that PC, you use a bt dongle (bt stick)?

Yeah desktop computer. Windows 10 and i use TP-Link UB400 Bluetooth 4.0

Hi @Cihan_Son,

As we have discussed in PM, if “I have to choose between listening or speaking …I can’t use both microphone and headset at the same time.” is the case, it sounds more like a computer setting issue rather than a headphone flaw.
We recommend you to google some instructions about how to set Window 10 audio settings to make microphone and headphone work at the same time.

Thank you


I was thinking of buying this headset today.
This problem stuck in my mind while reviewing buyers’ comments.
Purchasers say this problem still persists.

Are there any ways to fix this problem? Thanks in advance…