I asked for replacement of my power bank

My Power Bank which I bought on October 2019, in amazon.it, still inside 18 months, stopped working. I submitted my claim to replace it with a new one yesterday. I live in Rome, does someone knows when I will receive it?

Thank you.


Hope you have reached out to support@anker.com and they will get back to you with details.

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Hey @lirim_koraqi
Welcome to the community, after you’ve sorted your PowerBank problems I hope you stick around and become a regular.
If you started your claim with Amazon.IT I would chase them direct.
If you started you’re claim direct with Anker then @Shenoy has given you the best advice reach out and make contact to the email address listed above with your purchase details/order numbers etc.
Please update us when you receive further contact.

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The support team should get back to you within 48hrs :+1:

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I’ll repeat what the others have said…as long as you #1 purchased it via AnkerDirect on Amazon and #2 emailed support@anker.com then you will get a response within 48 hours. Well technically as long as you sent it to the correct email address you will get a response, but if you purchased it via AnkerDirect on Amazon then the support team will probably try to help you troubleshoot it first then if that does not work they will ship you out a replacement, but seeing as how I live in the States and have no idea how long mail takes to get to you in Rome, that may vary! Cheers Good luck keep us updated!