I am so confused! please help!

Hey everyone I have a 2017 Mac book pro (no touchbar), I wanted an Anker battery to charge it on the go, at a coffe shop or in school. I don’t always have access to an outlet. According to these to sources I can use a battery to charge the Mac book Pro, is this true? Do any of you guys do it?

From the charger:

Input: 100-240V~1.5A 50-60Hz
Output: 20.2V==4.3A or 9V==3A (USB PO) or 5.2V==2.4A

On a related (and very exciting) note, I was curious if I could charge my new MBPro (15" w/Touchbar) from a USB battery. IT WORKED!! The full charge on the System Information is 6829 mAh and the battery I’m using (An Anker with PowerIQ technology) is about twice that capacity. I’ve wanted this for years!

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Yes, you can recharge your 2017 MacBook Pro with the PowerCore+ 26800 with Power Delivery. Keep in mind, however, that it will not charge at full speed. This charger would charge a 12" 2017 MacBook at full speed, and all iPads at full speed, but not MacBook Pros. Again, though, even with that being said, it will still charge it, just not as fast if you used a 61 W charger.

*Disclaimer: I do not have either device so I cannot say from experience.

Although Anker currently does not offer a portable charger that will charge your laptop at full speed, it may in the future. Stay tuned!


I will probably wait then to buy another battery bank. Thanks for helping me!

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The powerhouse will… :laughing: Not very portable although.


Hey, I heard the PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C Model is not powerful enough to juice the MBP while on full brightness. I read on a review that it will slow down the battery from draining at best (unless you have your brightness on mid to low, which will see your computer charge very slowly). This seems to be a apparent in a lot of the reviews.

What you want is the PowerCore+ 26800 Power Delivery model from Anker. This will surely charge your MBP even at full brightness. Mind you, you won’t get the full charge, but I’ve read plenty of positive reviews about MBP charging with full brightness without a problem. This is the charger I’ve been looking to buy as well.