I am interested in a break down between the Eufy products

Hello, I recently started looking into Eufy’s product line up, quickly became a bit confused, and was hoping that someone could help me figure it all out. At the moment I am using an August lock and keypad, a Ring Pro Doorbell and Blink XT security cameras and am getting tired of having all of them siloed in their own apps. What I am looking to do is transition to a single system that would cover my needs and preferably connect to Apple HomeKit as outside of the august lock the others currently do not. I understand that there is a lock in the works from Eufy though I am not entirely sure what the expected release date is on that. I also understand that the Eufycam 2s are supposed to be getting HomeKit support by the end of the year. I guess what I am looking for is a product comparison between the Eufycam, Eufycam 2, Eufycam E, and Eufycam 2c. I am also looking for which of these will be receiving HomeKit support and when to expect that support to go live. As a side note I would also be interested in knowing if the HomeKit support is in the base station or in the cameras (ie if I use Eufycam E’s with the base station from Eufycam 2 will they show up in HomeKit). I am also wondering when to expect the doorbell camera to become HomeKit compatible and if there is any plans to allow it to communicate with the camera base station. As for the lock I am wondering what the expected release date for that is and if it will have HomeKit support as well. Thank you for any help and I look forward to future purchases.

Hi @JuJublie,

Here are some comparison charts of the different camera systems:

eufyCam 1 vs 2

eufyCam 1 vs eufyCam E vs eufyCam 2C

eufyCam 2 vs eufyCam E vs eufyCam 2C

Only the eufyCam 2 is getting HomeKit support soon as far as we know. HomeKit support is dependent on the homebase/basestation, but at this point we don’t know if a eufyCam E would show up in HomeKit if paired with the Homebase 2.