I am disappointed in the overly invasive privacy policy and data mining, how is everyone else dealing with it? (Re: Nebula projector)

I am disappointed in the overly invasive privacy policy and data mining, how is everyone else dealing with it? (Re: Nebula projector)

I just bought the Nebula capsule projector but am considering returning it. Their policy is quite invasive and tracks a lot of information and you can read it here https://www.seenebula.com/privacy-policy

I am surprised at the overreach, considering it is a physical product that is quite expensive, they’re getting greedy wanting your data as well as your dollars.

Has anyone tried contacting Anker about withdrawing consent of your private information? Their agreement says that you may do so, but doesn’t disclose how much consent you can withdraw before the product becomes unusable.

Since I learned of this, I started checking the policies of other projectors I considered buying and this is definitely an anomaly, others’ policies are quite reasonable and straightforward.

Some excerpts of what they collect:

“the number of people who have viewed certain content, when you opened an email message, and your Device IP address.”

“your search queries, IP addresses, hardware settings, browser type, browser language, the date and time of your request, referral URL, and certain cookies that identify your browser or Account.”

“Third-party providers: We share your information with third-party providers that we work with to help us operate, provide, analyze, improve, understand, customize, support, and market the Services.”

At least this part, you can turn off via your device settings:

“We collect information that your Device sends out or receives to tailor the Services to our users in different regions, such as: geo-location, IP addresses, and external hardware information from your Device about surrounding Wi-Fi access points, beacons, and cell towers.”

Did anyone find a way to protect oneself against the privacy invasion while using this?

Would love for Anker to chime in - you were a company I trusted, disappointing to find out you may actually be shady!


Hey @Nina.thorsten99
It’s a little early and there’s a lot of text.
This looks like it’s relevant to your internet activities on the devices built in browser etc, is that correct?

If so, I would probably say just use an external source for that use, via your phone, tablet or laptop etc?

As for whether it’s invasive. We live in a connected world where everything is invasive. Our cars know our location, our phones, watches the list goes on.
I think all manufacturers are the same/as bad as each other.
It’s just some are more transparent than others.


Even in my neanderthalian cave I am in the hand of mighty Google.
But it tells us were some mammoths can be found and hunted,

by GPS -data.:rofl: