Human headphone Anker alternative

I’d like to see an Anker alternative to Human Headphone design. Looks very interesting with no headband/neckband etc.
Priced at $259 introductory offer. Anker can do better :moneybag:



I saw these a few weeks ago, a friend of mine got to test them out. He said while in theory they are good, the holding onto the back of your ears gets annoying and makes you sweat a lot he said. Sohndwise he said they are decent, but still prefers a headband between the two

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I would not say this is quite a real improvement.
Another “construction”, but…
There are human beings with small ears, large ears and dont forget those with
prodruding ones :

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I’ve done some research into them and it all sounds good in theory, but it seems that it was not well executed. The language translation feature works well apparently and I have to say, that is pretty cool.

Yeah, I saw these the other day. They definitely seem interesting…

Wut? :upside_down_face:

Interesting and different but not my cup of tea. IMO it’s fugly.

I’m not really into this design, it let me feel uncomfortable to wear it…:joy:


Do you have such prodruding ears? :rofl:

I think is a very interesting design and something Anker should pursue. Maybe they can improve the ear hooks.

I don’t see how these would make your ears sweat any more than regular over ear headphones thou.

Think I’ll stick to the old fashioned kind for the moment, don’t look like they would be good for a few hours use without some discomfort to the old lugs :slight_smile:

I second that Ankerofficial :slight_smile:

Never used one of those before. They definitely look interesting

about 18 years ago I used a wired version of this (made by Panasonic) and it was awesome.


Interesting… so there really is nothing new :joy:

I vaguely remember a set of earmuffs that had headphones attached. These remind me of those.

Saw these earlier on Youtube! Not my cup of tea!