Huawei Mate X vs Samsung Fold

Lately all the talk has been about these folding phones that recently came out. One question remains, which is better? Here I wrote a comparison of the two and came to a conclusion on the best folding phone you can buy!

Please let me know what you think, and anything I can do to improve my blog writing in anyway.

Thanks for reading!


I personally hate when people write and give their opinion on something they have not held in their hands or even tested. You don’t know how well they will work in the real world and you don’t know how they stack up against one another. yes we could say all we want about them and give our opinion, but until we have them in hand your opinion means nothing.

BTW, you could have easily posted this in the folding phone thread as it pertains to the same discussion


Harsh words, but okay…

Certain parts of that could be considered a tad harsh (down vote and your opinion, opinions are opinions) but I get where your coming from about judging two products before either have physically been used (or even released)…often a pet hate of mine as well…

I did say I’m the beginning of the post I hadn’t used or tested either…

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I get it! I’m just taking this as a simple opinion from @Anjou1888 perspective. The blog looked good, well written, and helpful to those looking forward to those phones. As always, a more in-depth review, with tech in hand, is better but this was a good start.


why are we promoting
can’t we just post directly here

It’s easier to write on it’s easier to upload pictures, and basically do everything. I also write it on there if I don’t want it exclusively on the anker community. For instance, if I decide I want to post the comparison on reddit, I don’t have to completely rewrite it.

No, hate here @Anjou1888. But at this point its some else opinion that you are using. For me at this point is not about what i think of the phones, will this novelty or gimmick will make spend $2000 US dlls. I will have to agree with just a little with @Tank, I just can say this is really not putting both to the test, is more like compering specs at this point. I have no problem this been a post from a different site. Good Luck

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Just woke up and reread what I wrote and your right, I eddited that part out.

@Anjou1888 Andrew I apologise because I did not mean to come off as so harsh and that was not an attack on you yourself so I’m sorry. It was more along the lines of being frustrated seeing more and more people post reviews/thoughts/opinions in things they do not have or tried and tested.


It’s fine. I understand where you’re coming from

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Foldable phones in my opinion are such a dumb idea… $2000 worth

Folding phones are a good idea, just not at this price :joy:

I believed if you record, unfold, edit(good sofware) upload this will be a great idea. Pen support a must. If you could do all this maybe you could justified a 2000 dlls price. This will be for me the only way I could look at one of this phones.

It’s gonna be too pricey from the start for the tech

Did anyone notice that last year maybe or before Apple patent for fordable display was show. Did you think Samsung got a request from Apple for this kind of display? Now all the sudden Samsung and Huawei got a fold phone. Now everyone will be saying Apple is following Samsung? What you guys think?

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@tugar32 Samsung has had a foldable phone since 2012, that’s how long they been perfecting the folding Hinge and mechanism. So no Apple wasn’t the first to patent it and then all of a sudden you see all these phones. Apple is late to the game as usual

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Nice review but if I had to choose between those two, I’ll go with Samsung. Besides, I don’t think I could trust Huawei yet

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Wise decision, I think that even if there is little public evidence of Huawei hardware spying their corporate practices are shady at best and I couldn’t in good conscious support their shady behavior even if they make great phones.

I could one day change my mind about Huawei as a whole if they strengthen their public trust by cleaning up their corporate practices and prove that there’s is no spy chips built into their phones.

If the Samsung Fold wasn’t so expensive I’d definitely give it a try. But I can’t justify paying basically $2000 for their 1st fold generation. I remember a long time ago Samsung released a phone with a keyboard, I guess it was a matter of time for them to release a foldable phone