Huawei Honor Charger


I just bought the Anker powerbank Nintendo Switch Edition and I can’t charge it. I’m using my Honor 10 charger which is the same as Huawei quick charger. Anyone has any idea why?

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Well QC does not work the same way that PD. Different protocol, have you try to charge it with a different charger and different cable?

Checking the specs

I see

You’re meant to charge it with the Nintendo own charger, which you must own if you own the Switch.

power Core recharges at full speed with the Nintendo switch proprietary charger

If for some bizarre reason you bought the Powercore Nintendo Switch edition and you don’t own the Switch, then you’ll need a minimum 24W PD charger, such as this one:

For those who don’t seek to get this official item then there are many others technically superior or lower cost.

Oh, ok I see. Thanks. I bought the Switch edition, because it was a bargain. I’ll have to buy the charger than. :slight_smile:

Apparently there is a problem with the Huawei cable, not the charger. When I used Samsung cable and Huawei charger, it seemed to work. Although it was charging very slowly. I’ll have to buy the original charger I guess. :slight_smile:

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Or any Anker Powerport with 24W minimum PD

You surprise me it was cheaper.

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Some of the Huawei’s cables are not compitable with non-Huawei devices. The best way to charge a PD battery/device, is to use a PD wall charger. Such as an Apple 61W/87W USB-C wall charger or Nintendo Switch wall charger, and of course Anker’s PD wall chargers.

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