Huawei has lost access to Android OS Platform and Google services

Google has suspended business operations with Huawei effectively immediately, a forced move that will have a dramatic impact on Huawei devices across the globe… This will have a dramatic impact on users with Huawei devices and Android OS.

This effectively means no further Android security updates for devices new and old,

Know for a fact lot of users on this forum use these devices. This is the kind of control these Giants assert over hardware vendors…

Update: Google said it will continue working with Huawei for 90 days, after the US government announced it’s temporarily scaling back trade restrictions on the Chinese smartphone maker

This move comes after the US announced a 90-day license to allow mobile companies to figure out more long term solutions.

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I saw this.

Not sure store and Gmail was immediate or not.

Not sure if registered owners are being told of this.

If I’m right, I think it’s cos they were sending back personal mother I do back to China from your phone.

It’s more about U.S. Commerce Department’s announcement which placed Huawei on a so-called Entity List, a trade blacklist.

So will this mean that Huawei users have a brick at home? Or their skin on top of Android OS be able to keep the device running until they figure out a way to make their own OS?

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Think devices will continue to work…but will immediately lose access to updates to the Android operating system.

Also the next versions of Huawei smartphones outside of China will also lose access to popular applications and services including the Google Play Store and Gmail app.

This means a big blow to Huawei Smartphine business, users will not buy these devices.


Huawei was already preparing its own operating systems… may be prepping up for this to come. Interesting to see what will happen next.

I didn’t know that. I was wondering why no one did that and we only have 2 major OS. Windows phones are almost non-existent now and Apple are pretty popular with college kids

Wow Trump’s America is just a race to the lowest IQ

So if a Huawei phone physically inside USA and stopped receiving security updates, it will begin being more able to be hijacked by known security updates and so begin infecting other USA phones.

The opposite of the underlying intentions.

If you don’t like Huawei there are far more intelligent things you can do.

So I read a little more on the topic

So I have a number of Android devices I pulled from official Google licenses OS and moved to the AOSP versions (e.g. LineageOS) and then get gapps.

Everything works fine, in some ways better as I can selectively install only what I need so less bloatware, but as Google Pay needs official OS you will lose Google Pay probably eventually. So it tends to work well on tablets, your secondary device than it does on phones which tend to be how you pay over NFC.

But is that what happens in a trade war, we the general people just end up hurt in some form eventually. Hopefully some adults get back into the room soon.


Security updates will hurt much more than other features… from what I have read Google brings security updates faster than the AOSP.

This is sufficient to scare avaerge users away from Huawei


So official Google Devices (Pixel, etc) do tend to get latest Android first. Then release to AOSP then the distros which build in the community then support. So yes you tend to see Google devices get updates faster.

But you have a countering slowing, the phone manufactuers then take Google’s updates and test themselves, and typically I find the phone manufacturers push Android updates slower than the open source community.

So combined you tend to see Google devices update first, then AOSP builds, then the rest.

Also over time, the phone vendor gets bored with doing updates, so after 1-2 years you find AOSP keeps updating and the officials slow or stop. e.g. my Moto G4 Play stopped getting updates, one slow up later then nothing.

For popular devices, sold in the thousands / millions there is enough of an open source community to care to develop and test. So Huawei being popular probably means it will get updates via open source for years.

However can you imagine how low you can go with these wars. The IMEI of the phone is known, the networks, say T-Mobile knows it is a Huawei, so you could end up disabling all Huawei phones. So then China just disables all the iphones. Then Apple’s share plummet even more. So you see how we end up worse off.

I’m just guessing, no inside knowledge. I’d prefer if adults took control.

Android phone users hardly get updates unless it’s an latest phone from Samsung or Google. That’s a blow to Huawei P30 / P30 pro users, if they already bought it.

Carriers forced by Governments to disable competing phone vendors would be detrimental :confused: :confounded:

This has been heard of in the past when Apple was warned thier iPhones ( all models) could be blocked from Services in India, due to some on going issues with a spam block app… but Apple took some actions to avoid this.

And the release of the Candroid OS in 3…2…1…

It’s all kicking off :rolling_eyes:

Very interesting

Huawei is going through some really tough times.
X Mate may not even launch now.

What would happen if Chinese government would forbid to sell parts for e.g. Apple from Chinese production?


Interesting question… what if they denied parts for all US companies, almost everything gets manufactured in China and this is not in good interest of consumers - we the users.

Did you all hear that intel, Qualcomm and some other companies may follow google against huawei

:fearful: Oh my! My phone’s Huawei!!! :cry:

Off to google and read a bit more about it.

things are going to get even worse, microsoft to follow soon, no OS support for Huawei laptops, plus more.

what all this does is break consumer confidence in the products, eventually hurting the company :cry:

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