Huawei cloning Apple parts, rewarding employees for tech theft

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Huawei founder says “US cannot crush us”


Its extremely commonplace. Rules and regulations are less strict allowing them to operate more openly. The one trade off that drives them as a whole is that although it is stealing others ideas, their technology is advancing faster because of it. Im not a fan of stealing to get better, but i am envious of how fast they move forward and improve.

Before I got the 3gs (when it came out) I had bought a cheap Chinese clone… Fortunately it came in English!

Half the stuff did t seem to work, but from it I thought, if the clone is this good, imagine how the good the proper one will be… So I got the proper one… Only apple device owned.

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This kind of business practice can only happen in Asian countries. I’ve had some clients (US based companies) at my work who absolutely refuses to have a manufacturing in China. They are sure that their proprietary technology will be stolen if manufacturing is done in China.
I’m sure there are good companies too but ZTE and Huawei has really disappointed.

Wow! That is crazy! I can see why companies refuse to go with Chinese manufacturers. I too have seen clones, especially in the e-cig world. The end product is an exact replica of a known company’s product, but at a much cheaper price.

Reminds me of the whole story about Huawei employees trying to steal secrets from T-Mobile’s testing robot Tappy. It was all over the news a few weeks ago. Look it out, it’s impressive the depths they went to steal T-Mobile’s tech.

The problem with Huawei is that it’s a large company, with government ties, implicated in some shady businesses. Recently, a committee on digital security in Canada advised the Canadian government to halt immediately all research being conducted with Huawei for the implantation of a 5G network, as well as for Canadian carriers to stop authenticating Huawei smartphones.

At the same time, it’s sad that China in general gets a bad rep with it. Let’s all remember to not put every one, and every company, from China in the same basket.

Seems like there are no rules anymore.

Huawei is a really shady company, at this point I wouldn’t expect anything less from them