HP SPECTRE X360 not charging with POWERCORE + 20100

Does anyone know why the HP SPECTRE X360 can not be charged with the POWERCORE + WITH TYPE C (20100)? The laptop charges the battery pack instead of receiving power from it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @francesco.pierre and welcome to the forums!
Please try pressing the power button on the PowerCore before connecting the device you want to charge. This will send the power the other way. You’ll also want to verify that your HP Spectre accepts an input of 5V/3A. Here are some other notes from the product page in regards to using the USB-C port:

  • Press the LED Power Wheel before connecting your device to activate USB-C output.

  • Disconnect your USB-C device once it is fully charged. This will prevent the device from returning charge to PowerCore.

  • Use the included cable, your original cable or a third-party-certified one (such as MFi).

  • The included USB-A to USB-C cable is designed for charging PowerCore. Performance may be limited with other devices.

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Thanks to @TechnicallyWell for his feedback.

To @francesco.pierre are you able to confirm that charging an new HP spectre x360 (with 2 Thunderbolt UBS C ports) can be charged via the powercore+ battery?
I’ll wait for a confirmation in order to buy this product.


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If following TechnicallyWell’s instructions doesn’t work maybe this can shed some light:

Here’s a quote from PCWorld regarding HP and its USB-C charging.

"It still won’t work with third-party chargers. Here’s why.

After speaking with HP officials about the issue, it appears the company is just playing it safe. Fearing that a counterfeit or out-of-spec charger could make the touchscreen or audio subsystem flaky, HP has limited the access non-certified chargers have to the device. For now, HP exec Mike Nash told us, only “overnight” charging, or charging while the device is off, is supported.

”Are we being too conservative?” Nash asked. “I don’t think so.”



Anyone? :frowning:



I just bought it and here is the result :
This is charging the HP but only when this one is in standby mode or power off.
When it’s power on, the HP indicates it will charge slowly but actually, it’s not, battery life is just decreasing much slower.
It will extend battery life but not charge it.
But this is very practical if you travel from point A to B and want to charge a little your computer on your way

Hope this help