HP elitebook G5 laptop not charging

I have an anker powercore+ 26800 PD, that used to charge ok my HP elite X2.

However, I have a new laptop, hp elitebook G5, and it does not charge anymore. I receive this message “power Adapter is too low for this computer”

This Anker is 30W output, and I don’t think there is a more powerful one in the market, not even from HP.

What’s the problem?

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Try to check what is the power / current required by the HP elitebook and measure the power provided by Anker Powercore+ PD using USB-C power meter (if you have one), also what cable are you using ?

The G5 Elitebooks (840 / 850) require a 45w charger, the PowerCore + 26800PD only outputs 30w which is why your getting the message I would think…

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Super fast response! Thanks. Let me add to the conversation:

  • My previous hp elite x2 had a 45W input from the charger and it worked well.
  • This hp elitebook 840 G5 has an input requirement of +60W.

I think this power would be the requirement input for a wall-plugged charger, but not for an USB-C charger. Otherwise…
(1) how come that I could charge with the 30w the elite X2? and
(2) There are not usb-c power banks in the market with 60W, and almost none with 45W. Not even HP ones. So why bother activate that option?

As it worked fine on your Elite X2 I would think its a hardware / software limitation imposed by HP on the Elitebook models. Do you have the latest BIOS and HP support software’s installed?

This is a company computer, so I guess my company has that updated.