How were you first introduced to Anker?

How did you first come across Anker? My first experience with the brand was, like many, with the battery products. I was an avid Ingress player, and the game made short work of my Samsung Galaxy S3 battery. I tried a few other charging brands before I got an Anker battery, and they were all disappointing. After the urging of some friends, I picked up an Anker external battery on Amazon and haven’t looked back since. Now I’ve bought somewhere in the neighborhood of ten batteries, countless cables, and even a couple of bluetooth speakers for myself as well as family and friends.

What’s your Anker story?

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Ingress here too :smiley:

I think there is another post about this but I got my first Anker product from my sister on Christmas who knew I hated that my iPod had barely any charging capacity.