How to write a pm to a member whose profile is hidden

I am wondering if there is a possibiliry to write a pm to a user with a hidden profile.
May it makes sense to hide “personal” data, but to write that member a pm should be possible.

Easy, click on your profile, then the mail icon, and compose a new message. Simply type in the username of the member you’re after.

@Chiquinho i can confirm you can write Pm to a user / member who has his profile hidden. I have received PM from other members / i have written PM to members whose profiles are hidden.

If the user disabled the option to “Allow other users to send me personal messages” in Preferences → Notifications, then we cannot PM that user.

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Thank you.
That’s it.

I remember only the way that there was a letter symbol at the members profile.

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Yeah, I am not sure why people hide their profiles… There is not much information shared.

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May be they would like to hide their richness.
I can not see your Pb either. :grin: