How to Update Speakers’ Firmware

Anker recently uploaded a few tutorial videos to their YouTube channel, explaining how to update a speaker’s firmware. Check them out:

How to Update Anker Soundcore Boost’s Firmware

How to Update Soundcore Mini 2’s Firmware

How to Update Soundcore Motion Q’s Firmware

How to Update Soundcore 2’s Firmware

How to Update Anker Speakers’ Firmware

How to Update Soundcore Speakers’ Firmware

Expect additional video tutorials from them in the near future… Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out!


The software tool that is required for upgrading speaker software is currently only available for Windows with macOS coming soon.

Just a quick heads up for those of us that use Mac only. :slight_smile:


I like this.I’m guessing the Anker update tool will be used to upgrade firmware on all Anker devices that can have their firmware upgraded?


Which speakers can be or need their software upgrading/updating?

Can it be done via a pendrive? I don’t have any other tech apart from my smartphone (being a smartphone it’s not Windows!).

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I followed the instructions on the PDF to the letter to update my Boost on my windows 10 PC but keep receiving “error writing initbps the firmware selected is incompatible with your device” code

I will try on another computer when I get the chance. But at this point I’m not very hopeful.

Do you have a changelog for the new firmware versus old firmware?

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On the SOUNDCORE page ( one of the menu options is updating your software… So maybe more info there?


Nothing that I can see hopefully it just my computer . This is the one time I wish I had a Mac so I could try it on there. My brother is coming over later today with his Windows laptop maybe it will work with his. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Is there a list of Anker items for which Firmware can be upgraded?

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All I have is access to the videos… :joy: Sorry!

I’m going to try mine in a few days.

Good post @joshuad11 will give my Boost & Mini 2 a try over the weekend via Mac & a virtual Windows PC…

Would be good if a fix/change log was included… any chance for future updates @AnkerOfficial & @AnkerTechnical ?


Thankfully I have both windows and Mac, but I can’t try until I get to North Carolina

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This is the page


First of all, are the descriptions in the video and pdf file different. Avast sent one file for an extra check for a virus so I will wait. But until then everything worked how it was intended to work.

Great post @joshuad11 I’ll give this a try on my Boost and Mini 2 soon :slight_smile:


How so and which one did you use?

I used the soundcore mini 2 with a xiaomi mi air but I’m going to try it again

Okay my mini is dead now. But at least Avast will not annoy you if you are going to update your box. (It stopped my update process)

@AnkerOfficial is there someway to fix it?

Updated my mini 2, was fine, @AnkerOfficial the PDF document is wrong, i followed youtube video it worked.


I keep getting to “System enhancements in progress, please wait,” but the update always fails…