How to turn off the LTD cellular to setup floodlight cam

just bought the Eufy floodlight camera and when I go to set it up the app tells me to turn off the LTD cellular network. Do not know how to do that. I have put my phone in airplane mode but that does not help. Have a android phone and in the settings there is no way to turn off the LTD that I can find.

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Putting the phone in airplane mode isn’t enough. I has having trouble getting my floodlight to sync with the app until I turned of “Mobile Data” in my phone. It’s different with every phone. What make and model is your cell phone?

Also, someone in another thread suggested setting it up with a WiFi tablet.

Under settings >Cellular>toggle off cellular not sure if this helps

Turn on airplane mode then turn Wi-Fi back on.

Airplane mode turns off all external antennas GPS Bluetooth cellular wifi but will allow you to turn Wi-Fi back on so that just your Wi-Fi antenna is powered on.