How to turn off anker charger

Is it normal for the charger to keep on blinking once I have finished charging? I’ve disconnected my device from the charger but it keeps on blinking and wont turn off… Is there an off button? How long does it take for the battery to turn itself off after inactivity?

It should turn off after a few seconds once you’ve unplugged your device.
What PowerCore do you have?
Have you tried connecting it to a Power supply to charge it back up and see if that sorts it out?

If you are still having trouble you may want to ping an email to with your serial number and purchase details and see if they can help further

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Generally blinking of the light may indicate the battery is depleted and needs to be charged. On my powercore it blinks for about 20 to 30 seconds when I unplug all devices

Should stop blinking after a while.

it shuts off automatically after a short time