How to turn off alarm on detecting movement

Hey all,

Finally got around to setting up my first camera at my front door. However, it emits a really loud and annoying alarm every time movement is detected. I really REALLY don’t like that, and can’t figure out how to turn that off in the options. Is there any way to turn that off and just have it passively record events?

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I apologize, I figured it out.

Under the modes section you can customize what the camera does when you’re ‘home’ & ‘away’. Kinda unintuitive but I figured it out.


It’s all good.

I’m glad to here you figured it out!

Thanks for posting the problem with follow up solution :grin: will be useful to other users

:smiley: There have been some users ins the past with this question/problem/issue … but at the end they all found out how and where to “handle it” :wink:

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Go into Mode setting>Home>Choose camera>uncheck alarm check boxes.


May be it’s more logical to have it there for other people.
Glad you found the solution.
This may be a case where you need to read the instructions before installing an equipment ? :rolling_eyes: