How to turn down the doorbell sound

I have bought the eufy 2k video doorbell but the sound on the base is very loud.
How to make the sound a little bit lower?
I do not have a chime

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I don’t own but I’d be surprised if there isnt a volume setting in the phone app?

I looked at the manual and if model T8740 same as yours says there’s volume buttons on the side of the chime.

Sorry but I do not have a chime, it’s the volume of the base that is too loud

Open the app> click on the base station> click on Alarm settings> adjust volume to your liking

settings > Audio Settings > Doorbell Ringtone Volume

Actually, that’s for outside, the actual plug in chime has volume buttons on it.

I solved the problem thank you.
I had to go to indoor chime and then Homebase as a chime and the volume adjust is there