How to tell if my Zolo Liberty's are charging

So I have been putting them in the case and they won’t charge, so i decided to try and charge the case and the headphones at the same time and the case charges but the ear buds won’t charge, they went from 40% to 20% and now they are at 10% and this is from use. But the thing is is that i was putting them in the case after each time for them to charge, but they are not charging. Please help, thank you.

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You need to make sure they are cleaned fully, so the metal charging tabs touch the ones in the case.

Anker has a tutorial here.

If that doesn’t work you can contact soundcore directly at

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions!


Will try this, thank you. I assumed i wouldn’t have to do anything like this because i just bought them Saturday

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Did you remember to remove the plastic covering over the charging ports on each earbud when you got them?


i don’t see plastic coverings over them, so i guess so haha

this didn’t work, they are still not charging. to be honest the manual doesn’t even give you good enough information on how to charge it

To charge them all you should have to do is put them in the case.

One last thing before you email anker… are you sure the case is charged? If it is, you should just email soundcore via the address I included above.

i know you have to put them in the case to charge them haha, they weren’t though. they did charge however, idk how. and yes the case is charged all of the lights are on.

Does this mean you got it to work?

i did, but now idk if it is working again

Oh cool. If something messes up again, you should probably just email soundcore :wink:.

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