How to tell if Anker Powercore 20100+ is fully charged?

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I’ve left my Anker Powercore 20100+ charging for about 20 hours now. I’m using the included USB-C to USB-A type cable. It’s connected to my iPad wall adaptor. All LED light indicators are solid except for the last LED light, which is still blinking. Will it stop blinking when it is fully charged?? I’ve left it overnight and it’s still blinking.

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Yes the Powercore 20100 led lights will all turn solid for some time to show the battery pack is completely charged. After which they will turn off completely. So if you still have a flashing led the charger is still charging that battery pack.

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Try using a better wall adapter. Ive tried to use the adapter for my ipad on my 26800 in the past and it just isn’t made to charge at that rate of speed it seems to constantly drop the power supply and basically trickle charge it. If that does not seem to fix it contact Anker at with your order number and they will be more than happy to give you further instruction. :slight_smile:


You have a powerful portable battery and a weak charger for the iPad. The iPad is at most giving 2A to the 20100, possibly lower. At 2A it will take about 13 hours to recharge.

It is a puzzle why you bought the 20100+ as it is USB-C input and output specific product, so why aren’t you use a USB-C charger? Why did you buy it? Where is the charger of the device you’d want to charge it from and to such as a USB-C charger? Observe this bundle to see what is recommended

As to flashing last light, the battery will slowly trickle charge itself in the last few % so the last light takes roughly double the time of the other earlier lights to go out, as others have said when you have flashing lights it is charging, then solid lights to indicate fully charge then lights off. Also important to understand than USB-C bidirectional so when you charge it you just plug in the USB-C USB-C cable to a USB-C charger, and when you want to recharge it press the power button and then plug in to a device otherwise it will take power rather than give power.


Are you sure you have the Powercore+ 20100 as it states that it comes with the USB C to USB C. Maybe you have the original 20100 that comes with the USB A to micro USB

On the Anker sales page for the 20100 it recommends using the included charge cable in which you may be doing, USB A to micro USB to charge it up and it also states if you are using a smart phone charger that outputs less than 2.0 amps then it could take up to 20 hours to charge. You are doing nothing wrong and following Anker’s own recommendations. I would run it down and try with a different charger to to eliminate that part of the equation and see if it finishes in under 20 hours. If not then I would contact Anker directly. They are very good at looking after any problem that you may have. :smiley:

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It comes with both cables. Whilst it is USB-C input, it only ingests at 2.4, so practically any Anker charger outputs 2.4A so don’t have to buy a USB-C charger, say a Powerport2 Elite would likely be sufficiently good, for $10. 2.4A is in reality about 2.2A in my experience so a little slower than say 3A output which would be capped by 2.4A draw.

What You Get: PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C power bank, 60cm USB to USB-C cable, 90cm USB-C to USB-C cable,

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Also note that there are three different iPad wall chargers (going solely by memory here): one is 5 watts/1A (iPad mini 1st gen and included with most, if not all iPhones as well) one is 10 watts/2.1A (iPad mini 2,3,4, iPad Air and Air 2) and the other is 12 watts/2.4A (iPad 4 and the one charger that is currently being sold by Apple on it’s own). Depending on what “iPad charger” you have will dictate how the external battery will charge. Just thought I’d bring up that not all “iPad chargers” are equal.


It’s definitely a 20100+, and it comes with all three cables included. I’m using the USB A - to USB C cable as I thought that was the recommended one to charge the Powercore itself.

Do you have any recommendations for a more powerful wall adaptor to use then? It’s been charging on this one for over 20 hours and the last LED light is still blinking…

Just contact Anker @ Sounds defective if it wont fully charger but charges to that last led point.

As @SZak2015 mentioned there are many ipad chargers and since you have the powerport+ I would suggest that it could take well over 20 hours to charge if you are only inputting 1amp. I would recommend any of the following from Anker:
If you want to go with USB C then I would suggest this one which will allow it to fully recharge in approx 10 hours
This is a USA link so I hope it works for you

For a more reasonable price you can use this one and it will offer the same speed and uses USB A

It’s sounding like also a cable problem.

Why did you buy that particular model? It’s unique feature is USB-C so you should own a USB-C charger already?

Practically any charger from Anker will do a good job. What is your criteria for a charger? Small? Lots of ports?

I’m using this particular model as it works wonders for charging my Nintendo Switch. The included USB C - USB C cable does a great job of charging the system when I travel (often).

I still can’t get the last light to stop blinking. I’m using this wall charger for reference: iPad Wall Charger

Do I need a more powerful wall adapter?

Or should I try using the USB A to USB A cable to charge the Powercore instead?

Hi everyone,

This is AnkerDirect.

@dzynwa7, Thanks for your question and effort to test. @cava3395 ,thanks for your right answer about the indicator. If the PowerCore + 20100 USB-C is fully recharged, all the indicators would turn solid and will turn off automatically later.

Please kindly be noted that the PowerCore + 20100 USB-C usually takes 8-9 hours for a full recharge via a 5V/2.4A power supply. There should be no problem to recharge it via an iPad wall charger(which offers 5V/2A output) with the A-C cable comes with our battery.

To verify the issue further, could you please kindly try recharging the PowerCore + 20100 USB-C via another 5V/2A or 5V/2.4A wall charger(such as a Samsung adapter) with another A-C cable to double check whether the last indicator still flashes? Also, may we know how many times of charge could your PowerCore + 20100 USB-C offer to your phone(please let us know the model) after a long time recharge(with the last indicator flashs)?

Could you please contact us Anker at "" with above test result? Please be assured that we offer 18 months warranty(replace or refund) and lifetime technical support. If the problem is with the Anker battery and it is within our warranty coverage, we are glad to arrange a replacement to you for a try.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Anker Support
Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm PST


I have the powercore 20100+ and even after charging for 24 hours the lights still do not go out. It will xharge my mobile phone and maybe have a quarter of huice left in the tank. I really expected more but maybe its just broken?

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What charger are you using to charge the pac? Also what is its rated output?

Hi ive charged from both power and usb socket. Both are 5v output. Still not working like described.

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Just telling me both are 5v output doesnt say anything, and if your talking about a computers usb socket than those only output at max 500ma which is far too low of an output to fully charge that pack over a 24 hour period.

You need to tell me the output in volts and amps to get a better idea of your charging power, such as 5v 1a or 5v 2a or whatever it may be.

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Sorry 5v …2.0a from power socket and the usb socket is from the same wall. Theres no datails on it but when i cahrge other things from it theres never an issue with speed or anything. I never charge from a laptop or speaker or anything. Majority of the time i use the mains.

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Whats the exact model number of your battery pack?