How To Submit an Anker Warranty Claim

Did your Anker product crap out on you? Sorry to hear that! Lucky for you, Anker has a fantastic 18-month warranty on their products. As long as your product is still within that 18-month window, you should be good to go to get a replacement. I’ve used the warranty before, and they took care of me well. I had a replacement in just a few days.

Here’s how to get started!

  1. Go to the refund/exchange page
  2. If you purchased your product via, use the top form. If you purchased it from Amazon, use the 2nd form.
  3. Enter the required information.

Within a few days, you will hear back from Anker. They will ship your new replacement, or ask for additional information if it is needed. You may also submit a warranty claim by calling them [(800) 988 7973] or emailing them []

That’s it! The process is really simple.


Well this is helpful! I haven’t had any issues with any of my products, but I’m curious what issues any of you have come across with your products?

I had one cable (MicroUSB) where the end bent. It was within the Amazon return policy though, so I just exchanged it via Amazon. Then, I had the same (exchanged) cable flat out die (not bent at all) after about 9 months of use. Anker had a replacement within a few days, so I’m really pleased with the support!

Now that I think of it, I do have one of their multi device chargers + USB-C port that won’t work with my iPad Pro, for some reason or another it just won’t do it, says it’s not compatible. Anker’s aware of this and it’s just something they’ll have to work on for the future. But it works with my other USB-C devices. But I don’t really think that’s something returning the product would fix! I really like Anker’s warranty program, I mean … that’s a REALLY long time in the retail world to stand behind a product! No local retail store, not even Wal-Mart would do that and, Wal-Mart really could care less! But I digress.

Good post !
Their warranty process is really simple. I’ve only had to replace an Astro3 before. It decided to do weird things with the lights and not charge anything. Replacement arrived an a couple of days after a quick email exchange :blush:

Been lucky so far that none of my products have conked out but good post never the less for those who may need it!

Great info.

Often manufacturers make this sort of page difficult to find. I guess to make refunds and exchanges less likely.

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I have bough it from in USA and now moved to India.Can I claim warranty and get the replaced product in India? It just 2 month old.

Good to hear, but the best support is…

…support you never have to contact! :slight_smile:

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