How to Stop Family and Friends from Stealing Your Mobile Cables [Article]

Your charging cable. It’s something you just can’t live without in today’s world.

Imagine… one day you reach in your bag and poof, no cable. Who took it? Where’d it go? We’ve done the research and the answer might be closer than you think.

Have you had anyone close to you take a cable that wasn’t theirs? Let us know in the comments below!


Me and my sister have a cable sharing program… I borrow hers when mine is upstairs and vice versa.

Sharing is caring peeps! :slight_smile:


Unfortunately this exact scenario has happened to me multiple times :joy: I solved the problem by getting myself a red type c Anker braided cable.


I just have a ton of extras, so doesn’t happen too often haha

This is a good topic, I faced this all the time.

I chose a noble approach to overcome it. I put all the cables and chargers I got in a box, (will edit this post and add the pic later) and make it a point, i put it in my living room when we have friends coming over. My friends pick and choose the cable they want and majority of them leave behind the cable. Note that I keep my personal cable in work backpack.


My wife has stollen two of my cables, ever since she got a new phone that uses USB-C. She has taken both of my red braided Anker cables. She tried to take my USB-C to C cable but quickly realized she couldn’t use it


I’m the only person in my house who uses Apple devices, so I’m good on the cables (and given how many Anker devices I have, there are PLENTY of Micro USB cables to go around). The Powercore’s definitely get passed around, though.

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Yes! Someone in my family continually uses my iPhone charging cable :joy:

My husband and I have our own cables but we also share. In fact, I switched out all his cables with Anker cables :wink: He tends to be rough on his cables so the braided Anker cables are perfect for him.


I’ve never had some steal my cables but, I’ve given cables to my family. Usually it’s an older generation cable and have reason to get the latest cable available

But normally just give out cables and other anker tech out for christmas.

They don’t take my cables but my chargers. It’s gotten to a point where I actually gotta hide them :angry:

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Hahaha everyone in my house nicks my cables. To be fair. I love the fact they do. They know I have the good stuff and it’s all thanks to you Anker :ok_hand:



The problem with doing that is we all have a knife on us and if wanted we’d just cut the zip ties

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Glue. Got to hide the valuables. Maybe a small GPS

How about some epoxy?

OMG! I purchase white cables for the family and black ones for me. This works but sometimes they will still take mine anyway. I’m just wondering what the heck they do with their cables!


Congrats to you! Your cable is safe!:laughing:

Yeah, my family always want me to bring some Anker cables for them, cos they always lost it…

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