How to setup new Nomebase

Just received the new Cam 2 and base system. Followed the instructions, yet the base unit led only flashed blue. It does not turn white as per instructions.

Tried resetting the base unit, but cannot get past the blue flashing LED. Please cani have some help on set up.

I’m in the UK and using Virgin Media broadband Hub - the cable is connected to one of the 4 ports on the rear.

Sounds like the VM router is preventing setup by blocking traffic. Do you have access to the admin settings of the router to allow any connected devices?

In this case, please follow these steps:

  • Confirm your smartphone and HomeBase are connected to the same wireless router and the Wi-Fi is not isolated from the LAN.

  • Confirm you connected the Homebase with the original network cable and power adapter.

  • Confirm the network port is flashing light. If it is, please restart your router.

  • Try another network cable and connect to a different port on your router.