How to screen mirror my Dell XPS 13 on the Nebula II?

I need to mirror the zoom pictures (not the sound) on my laptop screen for the participants in the room - and I thought I could easily do that with the Nebula II. So far, I have not even found any of the functionalities in my German menu that would do that. Just hoping that a direct HDMI connection is the answer, I am now waiting for an HDMI cable. Is there any way that I can connect my devices via Wifi?
Thanks for any answer that is understandable for a non-tech person (even if I graduated in physics 40 years ago, but it was biophysics :-))

Chromecast screen?

@mkhschmidt Believe you are referring to Nebula Capsule II when you mention Nebula II

Try to do the following :

  1. Ensure the Nebula Capsule II and your Laptop are on the Same Wifi Network

  2. Nebula II comes with the Screen Cast feature and you may use this to cast screen to Nebula Projector. (Though I use a third Party App , Airscreen , which is optional and needs to be installed separately) Open the screen cast on the Nebula Capsule II.

  3. On your Laptop, From Chrome Browser on your laptop, right click within the browser and choose Cast


  1. Choose Nebula Capsule II from the menu and choose source as Tab / File / Desktop

  1. Once you do this, your laptop screen should be able to mirror to Nebula Capsule II projection.

Also, write to nebula Support if you need further assistance


Excellent detailed guide!

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Thank you so much Shenoy for your time. Awesome. Works like I had hoped it would! The issue was that all the commands were in German, and through your screenshots I could figure out what was what. Great. Any advantage of Airscreen that I should be aware of which justifies me investing another hour into installing Airscreen on the Nebula projector?
Warmest regards and have a great weekend

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Thank you professor - by the time I had googled what chromecast is (I believe it could work as well) Shenoy came up with idiot-proof instructions - even though I did not find out how to open the screen cast on the Nebula Capsule II, it just opened on ots own, once I activated the"cast…" function (in German “Streaming…”) on chrome.
All the best and have a great weekend

Glad, the details worked for you!

Benefit with AirScreen is it allows you to receive AirPlay, Google Cast, Miracast and DLNA streams, turn your Nebula Capsule into an AppleTV or Chromecast device, works for DLNA and works all the time, I am yet to see the failure.

Also, in my case, I had to install the AirScreen from Google Playstore, you will need to contact nebula Support in order to enable the Google Playstore, they would provide you will steps and a code to activate it.

However, for your case, if things are working well without any new install, you may continue without anything new.

Have a great weekend !

Thank you again. No need to change a winning team. Thanks to you I shall be able to run my first combined online abd onsite Sanskrit teaching class today.