How to reset the Motion B

I’d be grateful if someone could share how to reset the bluetooth settings on the Soundcore Motion B.
Not seeing the instructions on the manual on by googling.


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I looked online and couldn’t find away. I know if there is away to reset it its a certain button combo. I would suggest contacting @AnkerSupport at Their response time is limited since we are going into a weekend and many of the staff are off for Chinese New Year.

You might also give them your serial number, when you purchased/order number, what’s wrong the device, and what troubleshooting steps you have tried. This will speed up your request.

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I’ve just sent the eMal and will post the outcome…

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Anker’s Response:

RESET by pressing the “Bluetooth” and the “+” buttons together for 2 seconds…
It worked for me.

This advice should be taken over in the “library of eternity” I would like to see.
Such one would be help so many others and lessen the inquiries.

Great that it all is fine for you now!

Any news on this topic yet?

I would like to try a reset as my device is hardly getting the 12 hours, more like 7 hours total.

Thanks in advance.

I have a similar problem, the light stays on even though it is off and it takes a long time to load, what should I do