How to reset eufy homebase 2

I try to reset the HomeBase with a pun at the back without success. Can you help explain how exactly with what kind of pin? I am using the iphone pin to open the SIM card slot.

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Hi @Herwig_Niggemann and welcome to the community! What kind of reset are you trying to achieve, factory default, general restart etc?

Pressing and holding the reset button for a few seconds should complete a hard reset of the Homebase.

Hi. I have issues with homebase 2. Cant install properly. After blue blinking light and pressing the sync button the light will always turn back to red blinking light. Is it possible to make a “big” reset to the homebase ???

I’m having the same problem as the guy above.

What tool should be inserted into the tiny reset hole? Is this a tool we need to buy separately? Please help. Thanks.

A paper clip or small sewing needle should do the trick.

I don’t have a paper clip. A sewing needle did not work. Seems like you would need a very long very strong, thin tool, which I don’t have.

This seems like an incredible hassle just to pair this to HomeKit. Why didn’t they just make it a button, or make resetting possible through the app?