How to register ANKER products online?

I recently bought ANKER POWERCORE 20100, Can any one help me how to register the product online?


Agreed and great suggestion. Seems Anker may have forgotten about offering any supporting toward this question as posted here back Nov 2016:

Anker’s site is defiantly missing this type of product registration which makes good sense.

Hi @suriya26091994 and welcome to the forums!
There is no need to register your Anker product for warranty purposes. Please keep your receipt and serial number (typically printed in a small font on the power bank) in a safe place so you can reference it if needed during your warranty period.

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Hi @suriya26091994, welcome to Anker Community.

Thank you @TechnicallyWell for the answer. There is no need to register the majority of Anker products for warranty purposes.These products that purchase from AnkerDirect have a-18 Month Hassle Free Warranty.

However, powerline II cables, screen protector and some cases come with lifetime warranty. So for powerline II cables, please register warranty on As for other products, there is no need to register warranty online.

Thank you again for your time. Have a great day!

Like mentioned above if there is an issue of warranty they appear to honor it if you have product in hand and proper serial number. My concern like also posted above is if there is a recall or hazard like a fire risk without a proper registration how do you protect the consumer? How would I be notified? Seems there would be an extreme liability risk here if unable to notify customers.

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@Daniel45 Hi,:grin: please note that each order sold from us is saved in our system for customer service purpose. In order to make sure every customer has a pleasant experience with our products, we have careful quality checking before shipping and we also make continuous quality improvement through customer feedback. If we find any product has safety risk that needs to be recalled, we will pull out all order information recorded in our system and send emails to affected customers proactively.

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Does this apply for your Soundcore products as well?

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