how to recycle cable or make a cable repair ?

Hi my I am customer and I’m in love with both the power banks and chargers they charge my phone quite well and I have fallen in love with the product to the point I believe ill be a long time customer. I have had my charger and power bank for about a 2 years know and its lasted me quite well but my cable has finally died and Its not becouse of any defect its becouse the amount of abuse ive subjected to my kinky cable its deserve its amount of abuse and in my opinion its serve me really well. but know my question is how do I recycle my cable or get it repaired?

I would really say regarding the price of a new cable it doesnt make much sense to repair.
How to repair?
Photo of the broken parts (plugs, cable) could be useful.

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Check your cable warranty, some cables like the lightning II have lifetime warranty and Anker is very good about replacing them. Other than that, I wouldn’t recommend manual cable patching repairs. Other than the increased fire hazard, there’s the added inefficiency of a patched/interrupted cable where it would charge slower and heat up more (higher resistance equals more heat) which are both things you don’t want in a charger/cable.

I’d just buy another cable :+1:

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If there is a kink with wires damaged at a specific place, it is theoretically possible to cut on both sides of that section, and then splice them back together without the break. If it is just USB 2, that is only 4-5 wires. USB 3 has a lot more.

And it is often the ends that fail - in which case you would need a cable broken in a different way to splice two together.

In practice, it isn’t usually worth the time or energy. And there is more risk of other damage if you don’t know what you are doing. For most people, buy another cable is the right answer.