How to recharge my Anker Powerbank

Hi guys!

Just received my Anker PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition Powerbank today but have completely no idea how to recharge it properly.

Can I use any USB A > USB C wall charger?

It says on the owner’s manual that it’ll only take 3.5hours to get a full charge via Nintendo Switch’s AC Adapter.
Yet after an hour, battery stays the same.

I’m have zero clue on voltage, amp etc but please do correct me if i’m wrong.

On the user guide, it says that PD input is 5V - 3A // 9V -2.5A // 15V-1.4A // 20V-1A
On the switch AC adapter it says output is 5V - 1.5A // 5V - 2.6A
Does this mean that if PD Input is 5V - 3A and my AC charger is 5V - 1.5A. It’ll charge at half the speed vs 5V - 3A AC chargers?

I have Huawei Supercharge AC Adapter that is 5V - 2A // 4.5V - 5A // 5V - 4.5A
Is this safe to charge my Anker powerbank?

Really appreciate any help as I’m leaving town in a few days.


Yes, but charging times will be very slow…

I would leave it plugged into the Switch adapter and see how long it takes.

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This is correct. So - as @joshuad11 said - use it and take your time and check how long it takes.
So you know in the future - and do not wait until your nice PD is empty: recharge it whenever possible, so it is always full loaded at your disposal.


Right now… It isn’t looking great at all. 1hour for 1 bar of battery. I’ll need roughly 10hours to get it fully charged unlike what the user guide mention.

Will this wall charger be the best solution? Will it get my powerbank to full quicker?

Only have this from Anker in my country.

Yes, that would support the fastest solution.

Again, I strongly recommend you leave the PowerCore plugged into your Switch adapter to see how long it really takes, and then decide if that’s an adequate time for you.

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Yup, will definitely leave it on to charge for now.

Is it okay for me to leave it charging overnight? Lets say 12hours.

Yes, but then you won’t know how long it takes! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh that’s true!

Anyways, a huge thank you man. Really appreciate it!

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To give you a very rough calculation rule:

Your PD has 13400 mAh capacity. This is equivalent to 13,4 Ah - Ampere-hours.
So to get this power into the PD, you need - easy speaking - a power of 1 Amp during 13,4 hours .
This is only for rough understanding - because no battery is totally empty - and no charger loads with 1 Amp constantly.

But with such rough calculation you can figure out what another charger would / could do for you …2 Amp during 7 hours … 4 Amps during 4 hours … but keep in mind : also these loaders do not load constantly with e.g. 4 Amps ! Only for a rule of thumb !

Through my testing on this very same bank, the bank nagotiates on the 15v rail on the switch’s adapter. There is a slim chance that it didn’t nagotiate properly. Try unplugging it and plugging it back in and see if it charges faster. One bar after an hour of charging is unusual behavior.

Also your Huawei Supercharge adapter will work, but it will also charge really slow. It would charge at 5v 2a.

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