How to protect against daughters!

For all of you with kids , a public service email…

I have kids to believe firmly in disposable hardware - use it once, throw it away! Obviously this runs totally counter to the Anker mission - reuse, reuse and love. I have learned this the hard way, so , please note my hard learned tips below, and add any of your own…

Watch out for the drinks! My kids love leaving their glasses full of water near the Anker 5x USB charger. My older one recently tipped her glass over it (better than the laptop!). So , Ive learned - don’t let the kids leave water/liquids near your Anker. It cant swim, doesn’t like the water and acts like a Gremlin, generally fizzing and causing problems for you!

Cables bend - but only to a point!
My kids are continually twisting the Anker USB B cables together into a mess that resembles their hair styles. When it comes to plugging into their devices, they jab them in, with their eyes closed, then care not how the cables look. Even the hardened Anker cables , with their protective sleeves give up the ghost after a couple of weeks of this. So , I have invested in … cup hooks! Ive attached these to the side of my desk, near the 5x power block, and now the kids hang the cables off them - stopping them from getting into such a mess. Im hoping that my cables will last more than 2 weeks now !

Power smoother - my Anker 5x USB has died, and been replaced by the EXCELLANT customer service people. This time, I have paid £15 for a power smoother that sits in line with the 6 way power block - and it is now a much more secure set up. Power spikes are kept away and the Anker devices should now last a heck of a lot longer.

Have you any great ideas to share , that will keep our hardware in one piece for longer, in spite of your kids?

Nice ideas

I keep meaning to put a new shelf up, secure the Anker device to the underside then drill some holes on the back edge of the shelf put the cables in place then screw it down.

Hey presto shelf charging station, anker device safe & cables secured you could even then use velcro cable ties to keep it tidier.

I think this would be an excellent way to keep cables tidy & anker safe from children.

I too have a daughter that metaphorically ‘eats’ charging cables. Looking forward to the day someone develops one she cannot break within months. I know Anker have an years warranty on their products but I refuse to hold them responsible for my sprogs being able to damage them so readily! Just waiting for the mega invention that means it won’t happen!

My idea is simple, and works perfectly for me. Don’t have kids :wink:
However when I am around kids (family, friends, etc) I have no problem with telling them off for not taking care of things.