How to print the manual for Soundcore Mini?

I have downloaded the pdf file for the Soundcore Mini manual. I am unable to print it, print is not available, grayed out. If I can’t print the manual is of no use to me. I no longer have the manual that came with the speaker.

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Hi @keoniekeleka,
Interesting, I’m seeing the same thing. It’s probably because the PDF is meant to be printed on the long, fold-out paper that the original manual comes printed on. If you print it on standard 8x11 paper, it might be too small to read anyways.
However, perhaps you could take a screenshot of the section of the manual you need and print only that portion?


Properly the screenshot things would do if there are fee pages in the manual. As you need a Adobe Professional version to remove the print restriction (if they don’t have password).

How do you like your soundcore mini? Do you have any other Anker speakers to compare to?