How to prevent unauthorized access to SoundCore 2?

I have Anker SoundCore 2.
When I am listening music by AUX connection, people can pair with the speaker by bluetooth and play audio.
Is there any way to prevent unauthorized access? Can I set a password on bluetooth pair?

Hi @Alexander_Gnedov1,
I would pair it to a device in your home (like your phone or tablet), even if you plan to use AUX only, just so no one else can pair to it.
My friend had a similar situation where his neighbor kept (accidentally?) connecting to the Bluetooth on his TV’s soundbar when playing Candy Crush! We paired it to an old phone he didn’t use often so the soundbar wouldn’t accept new connections.

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Why don’t he change the security settings for the spker

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Thanks for the idea. I will have to try that. My closest neighbor is more than 500 feet from our house so we don’t have to worry about out there. But when travel and want a speaker when stay in town or in a hotel, we can do that to secure it.

Luckily he only played candy crush through it and nothing else :confounded: :joy:

Ha ha, good point! We were guessing it was the neighbor’s kid who didn’t really understand what Bluetooth was.
That sound bar was odd because it would accept Bluetooth connections even when it was off (well, in “standby”). He said the sound bar would turn on randomly in the evening and play the Candy Crush jingle :joy:

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