How to prevent eufy RoboVac 30C from moving its charging base when returning

I am regularly having a problem when my 30C is returning to its base that if it doesn’t get it straight on in one try, it knocks the base out of orientation and then often cannot successfully dock. I’ll come home and the charging base will be turned sideways or even all the way around facing the wall.

Have people found a good way to keep the base in place without screwing/glueing it to the wall or floor?

You are right.
The base is light weighted so the robot likes to push it around.

At the moment no idea how to manage this without glueing or screwing. :worried:

Maybe some double sided adhesive tape helps. Available in different qualities - up to “power strips” …

Yeah, that was the only thing I could come up with. I understand that Anker wants it to be light for shipping purposes, but would be great it it had an internal tank you could fill with water or sand or something to give it weight so that the vacuum could make docking attempts without moving it around too much.

I have 3 charge bases that are on carpet, hardwood and laminate. So I am hoping to come up with something that doesn’t require tape or glue on the floor or screws in the wall.

If you don’t want use tape or screws you could put something really heavy on the top. As its like a tub, you can put inside there a piece of heavyweight metal or so.
This could prevent the robot to push the base aside.

I just used command strips, the robot has no problem docking and they are temporary.

What if to stick additional battery on the top with glue? ha-ha :joy: