How to power on Soundcore Pro via smartphone

I have a Soundcore Pro which I just received. The thing powers off after x minutes of inactivity. How can I power it on using my android device? I don’t want to have to power it on manually as the only reason I wish to use it is for waking up.

That is not possible. The only Anker speaker that I know will stay on when plugged in is the soundcore flare updated to the newest firmware via the soundcore application.

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Okay well, time to send this garbage back to the seller then.

Really? Your calling a product garbage because it doesn’t do what you want, when nowhere does it state that that’s one if its capabilities?
Also, Why would you get such a good speaker and only use it as an alarm? There are dedicated alarms for such purpose and bluetooth speakers are not one of them


It’s 2018. You’d expect a manufacturer to include a way to remotely control the power function of such an expensive device. It’s not like it’s impossible.

I’m not sure what other speakers I would get instead? I’ve googled around and these things were recommended. What do you even mean by dedicated alarm?

The only thing I want is for my music that currently wakes me through my smartphone’s speakers to be streamed wireless through speakers with better sound. Which is impossible with this device since I’d have to wake up before my alarm to power it on manually. Ridiculous, if you ask me.

I’ll guess I’ll have to save up for wifi speakers so I can have my smartphone wake them on lan before my playlist starts.

Like I said previously the soundcore flare, soundcore is an Anker sister company. It will stay powered on when plugged in has great sound, LED light ring that can be disabled if you wish and can be paired with another flare speaker for stereo sound.

I suggest doing more thorough research to confirm it has the features you want next time you purchase a speaker. Or you can always ask the anker community for suggestions. Good luck to you.


Right, but if I see something like ‘Ambient led light’ i’m obviously skipping immediately. I wasn’t born in a circus and I’m looking for something in my bedroom. It has a ‘Beat-Driven Light Show’ ffs.

I was born in a circus and I’m still living in a circus.
When my wife gets angry with me, I turn on the light of the FLARE.
When she’s calming down, so happy with that light show, I switch off .
And afterwards she is “switching me off” .


[quote=“fhassm, post:8, topic:60871, full:true”]
I was born in a circus and I’m still living in a circus.[/quote]
I knew you looked familiar! :laughing:

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