How to Play netflix hd in nebula mars 2?

Hi guys i am new in the community i am using my nebula mara 2 now for almost 3months and today i just notice i can play HD in youtube. The video quality was so great the clarity with rich and vibrant colors of the music videos. Now everytime i watch youtube in HD and going to netflix i can see the big difference.

Is there a way to enable HD in netflix? Cant seem to find any options in the netflix app itself.

same here…

any luck ?

NetFlix is SD

(that is, when the projector agrees to power up)

Unfortunately, it’s not possible with the onboard system. I’ve tried everything I could think off, including side-loading different versions of the Netflix app, to no avail.

The only way is to use the Nebula Mars 2 without its system. Just plug whatever source you have into the HDMI port.

would anybody know if it’s the same for the Nebula Mars 2 PRO ?

No Nebula projector supports the newer Netflix app designed for Android TV. You’re either stuck with the sideloaded old app which is SD, or you need to plug in whatever other device that actually supports HD Netflix to your HDMI port (Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, etc.) and use that.