How to pair Soundcore Flare to Amazon Tap or Echo

Has anyone done this?

Got a new Soundcore Flare and while it sounds good, i partly bought it because of reviews saying it could be paired with an Amazon Alexa device. I have an Amazon tap with Alexa and…well, that pairing is not easy, at least for me.

I’ve looked for instructions on line, but always get stuck where it says…go to your device’s Bluetooth settings and connect from there. Neither the Flare nor the Amazon speaker has any Bluetooth setup onboard, other then pushing a button to put them in pairing mode.

The Soundcore app has no way to connect to a remote speaker and the Alexa app has no way to connect to an external speaker (other then the “go to your device’s Bluetooth settings and connect” which makes no sense to me.

Can anyone help here?

Have you tried putting your SoundCore Flare into pairing mode (via the button) followed by your Amazon tap… once both are in pairing mode they should be able to link together…

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There is a serious flaw here it could be a amazon app issue or just a flaw with Soundcore that wasn’t discovered and something I didn’t find till a week after my review when I thought it would work when I tried to paired it with my Amazon Alexa App. If only I knew about this flaw when reviewing this speaker months ago I don’t pair my echo with a bluetooth speaker but on the rare occasion I might with my Edifier Bookshelf Speaker or any of my portable Edifier speaker, even the lesser know bluetooth speakers I have work with my Echo Dot

The only way I found to use my Echo Dot and Soundcore Flare Speaker was to use another device (bluetooth transmitter/receiver) with the 3.5 AUX port but this defeats the purpose and hence why I just use my Edifier or another bluetooth speaker

Also one other flaw I found with speaker was when you connect the aux to your TV the speaker is delayed so speech doesn’t line up

I haven’t had any problems connecting the Flare to my Dot. Can’t speak to the Tap, which isn’t considered an Echo device but an Alexa-enabled speaker. Not sure you can BT OUT from a Tap.

The first time that you connect an Echo to a Bluetooth speaker, you are probably going to need to use the Alexa app. After that, it should automatically connect to the last BT speaker it was paired to when that BT speaker is turned on. If it doesn’t connect automatically, say “Alexa connect”.

So in the Alexa app:

  • Click the Devices icon

  • Click Echo & Alexa

  • Click on the device you want to pair to the Flare

  • Scroll down to Bluetooth Devices and click that

  • Click Pair a New Device

  • Put the Flare in BT pairing mode

  • The Flare should pop up in the app and connect on its own

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Here is the problem:

I can follow your instructions until the step “Click Pair a New Device.” I don’t have that choice on the Alexa screen. Instead, mine says (from top of screen down) “Settings, Bluetooth, Enter Pairing Mode, Clear all paired devices.” No option for “Pair a new device” is there.

However, if I click the
Devices icon at the bottom, then
Hit the Plus sign at the top right, then
Add Device, then
Discover Devices, and with the Flare in BT pairing mode,
Alexa says No new devices found.

Now I’m wondering if the problem might be the Alexa app (I checked and no updates are available), or iOS 12, or iPhone Xs? Or the Flare itself.


Yes, I have tried putting the Flare in BT pairing mode (via the button) and then the Amazon Tap (both with the on board button and alternatively from within the Alexa app. They do not pair in either case.


I think “Enter Pairing Mode” might be how the iOS app lists “Pair a New Device”. What happens if you try that?

I have an Android phone so not sure if some things are listed differently in the iOS app or if there are problems with the iOS app.

As I suspected, the Tap doesn’t support audio OUT, so you won’t be able to use the Tap with a Flare or any other BT speaker.

From Amazon’s help pages:

Note: Amazon Tap doesn’t support headphones or audio-out connections to speakers and other devices.

You should be able to connect the Dot though.


Good catch @RuhRoh :thumbsup:

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Well that explains it. Thank you.

Now I need to decide whether to try to return the Flare or buy a Dot.

Buy a dot, the flare is worth it all its own

You’re welcome!

I haven’t heard the new 3rd gen Dot in person yet, but I can tell you as the owner of three 2nd gen Dots and two Flares, the Flares sound much better than the 2nd gen Dots.

From all the reviews that I’ve read and watched, the 3rd gen Dot is a vast improvement in sound quality and volume over the previous generation, but still not as good as a full-sized Echo. The full-sized Echo is very likely to be on sale for $69.99 (US) for the holiday season. If it’s within $10 of the price of a Flare, then you really have to think about where you want to use it. The 3rd gen Dot is likely to be $39.99 for the holidays.

I cannot seem to pair my Flare to Amazon Echo - I’ve tried all the usual steps but nothing. Just updated the firmware on the Flare.
Any ideas?

Dear @tcihil

We are so sorry to hear you are having a problem with the SoundCore Flare. Regarding the issue you mentioned, here’s the link for your reference:

Your Echo Device Doesn’t Connect to an External Speaker:
enter link description here

Connect Your Echo Device to Bluetooth Speakers:
enter link description here

Hope it helps, if not,please contact us at ""for further assistance.

in the alexa app you have to go to device settings, and then select the alexa device that you’re using, the click “bluetooth”


This might also work for other Soundcore models. If pairing is not achieved using the Alexa mobile app, try this:

  1. Navigate to on your PC’s browser (will require login to your Amazon account).

  2. Select Settings in the left panel.

  3. Choose your Alexa device (Echo Dot, etc.).

  4. Under Wireless click Bluetooth.

  5. Set your Soundcore device to pairing mode (blinks single flash, not double!)

  6. Click Pair a New Device in the browser. Your Soundcore device will appear!