How to open a microsoft powerpoint files using usb device

When I open a powerpoint file from a flash device the following message appears “no app found to open this file”

Is there an application that supports this kind off apps or I can onley view it by connecting it to a computer using HDMI?

Is this on a laptop, mobile, desktop, Mac etc?

Do the device not have basic office software? Such as POWERPOINT?

I can help but need more info

@Fatma_Nzy If you mean is there an application to view PowerPoint files directly from USB on a Nebula projector then the answer is no, there isn’t (that I’m aware of). You would need to connect a device such as a laptop / tablet via HDMI or AirPlay.

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Its on a flash device connected directly to the projector

Thanks allot , Ive just found an app called “WPS OFFICE” and it helps, But the problem is that it’s on Chinese language

Two workarounds for you:

  • Export all slides as images an use it as a slideshow.
  • Export the presentation as a video

If the presentation only has images, the first option allows you to go back and forth as needed. If it has animations or embedded videos, the second one will preserve all this of you configure your presentation the right way. You’ll have to rehearse the pacing and won’t be able to move as swiftly, but it works great.


Well you never said, what device the usb was connected to.

@amangons, while true they never said this is posted in the nebula forum so one can assume it’s a projector

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This post was in the general list, at the bottom of the page, on another post I was looking at.

As such I treated it as a normal enquiry, and as the op didn’t state how they were using the usb stick.
A simple answer was all that was needed, rather than presume everyone knowing the device.