How to Manually Factory Reset Nebula Capsule

I just rebooted my nebula after it started crashing when i was playing Netflix and now it wont boot up it just kept on staying up until the Anker logo after powering it on. How do i manually factory reset this. They don’t have it in the manual as well can somebody help me? :frowning:

Sorry, wish I could help

Contact they will be able to assist you better

Thanks for letting us know the issue. In this case, please try below steps to see if it helps at all.

  1. When Capsule is powered off, press and hold “Volume+” and “Power” buttons simultaneously for about 4 seconds until Nebula screen appears. Then Android’s robot logo will appear on screen.
  2. Then, press and hold “Power” button, follow by pressing “Volume+” and the Android Recovery screen appears soon.
  3. Press “Volume-“ button to skip to “Wipe data / Factory reset” option.
  4. Press “Power” button and choose “Yes”, system will automatically jump back "

If the issue remains, please get in touch with us via for further help. Thank you!

Anker Community team