How to make some quick cash this week!

happy it’s flagged?


Good luck fella. Seen lots of people do this.

Put an item up with a high quantity, then when one sells, they just order it on prime and have it delivered to the customers address :slight_smile:

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Good luck, hope it’s worth it :grin:

thank you :slight_smile:

I should have ordered it on prime lol but I am private seller I don’t want to look like a buisness lol next time I’ll do that :joy:

nice…good luck

Never thought of this before :joy:


It’s bad but people are dull. My mate sells grass seed on amazon for over £13 and it’s £4.99 in the shop in town

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There fualt for not looking we profit of stupidity :joy:

I might just try that lol. I wonder if people would fall for it here

A few years ago i sold a Sony MiniDisc Player for $110 on ebay (that I got from ebay for $15) :joy:


And it got hidden well…