How to make a new pairing for Liberty+

I couldn’t find how to make the new pairing on a new device for Liberty+.
May you please advise?
Thank you very much.

Hi @atayanuvat , if you forget the Liberty+ on your previous paired device they will return to pairing mode to allow you to pair on a new device. Failing that you can complete a reset/force pair by doing the following;

  • Put earbuds back into the charging case and then remove
  • Double tap both earbuds simultaneously
  • Select Liberty+ within your Bluetooth menu

As @ndalby mentioned you can force a repair by pressing both buttons at the same time after putting them both in the case and then removing them.

I have these and I did not have to unpair from the first device. I just went into my bluetooth settings on my second device and pressed both buttons on the earbuds and found it on my list of devices to connect to

@ndalby Thank you very much.
May I know if Liberty+ is able to pair with multiple devices?

@atayanuvat as I mentioned in my post above I have my Lierty+ paired to multiple devices, so yes you can