How to get test products for euro sockets

I‘m looping for test Produkts but geht only farwarded to Amazon us, as I am from Germany the us produts are Not uselfull for Review for Germany/EU Community. Can you please help me!?

At the moment the offered testing items are for US only.
You have to wait, till there will show up some for DE.
Then you could take part.
Good luck

Ok thank you! And how do you get the eur products for the powerdraw program?

You need power bucks to take part.
That means you have to “earn” those by taking part a lot here. :smile:
At the moment you got 15.
More 10 you got 25 ready for an entry for the speaker.

Ok so if the PowerDraw say you need 20 and you have 20 are can win this or you get this product save? Currently if I click on the add I was only forwarded to the us amazon page. But maby this is only because I do not have the 20 point.

The winners are selected randomly.
You need 25 bucks to enter the speaker and 20 for that powerwave pad lottery.
(1 entry)

Ok but this is as well a us product? No eu socket?

This is a charger with US socket and for US only!

Got it sorry for the miss understanding of the program in first step.

Hi @pop.f, welcome to our community!
Yes, currently there are 3 products ongoing in the Powerdraw program, the powerport III Nano is only valid in US at this moment. Soundcore mini speaker and Powerwave base pad are available in DE.
You may click the blue “ENTER DRAWING” button instead of the actual product picture to participate (if you click the pic, you will be led to the amazon page not the drawing confirmation page).

So the steps to join the powerdraw program are:

  1. Check out the powerdraw page for products you may like.
  2. When you see one you may be interested in, make sure it’s available in your country and you have enough powerbucks to enter drawing.
  3. Click “ENTER DRAWING”, and select entries you may want to try, then click “confirm”.
  4. As @Chiquinho has mentioned, winners will be randomly selected among all participators.
  5. If you are lucky to be the winner, our system will request your shipping address through an email, and once you provide it to us, whichever product you win will be shipped to you free of charge.

Hope this answer helps you figure out how Powerdraw program works, and good luck!! :wink:

Best regards,

Anker community team

@AnkerOfficial thasnk you for the perfect explanation!