How to get support in the Community - New Users

Quick guide for new users before posting anything.

This is not an official Anker support site, it is a community of fellow interested unofficial users, so treat it accordingly, act as you’d like to be treated.

These are a few very simple steps to help you get support and be a valuable member of this community to also give support.

  1. Use the correct Community. Soundcore and Eufy are in separate communities.
  2. Search - for existing advice, threads. If you cannot find a fix, or you do, then:
  3. Reply - in the best matching thread. If you found a fix then say good things, helps others know its a good fix. Otherwise, reply in the best thread to add your voice to wanting a fix. Only if an existing thread does not remotely match your issue then:
  4. Create a new thread. Keep it focused on the product name and the issue.
  5. Be specific. Vague problems do not elicit firm solutions.
  6. Don’t vent. The problem is solved by exchange of details, not opinions.
  7. Support - this is not a support site, go to support for support.
  8. Warranty. Finally, if a fix is not found here or in support then…

Are you in the right place?
Community for Eufy Vs Soundcore Vs Anker

Anker made this community, then forked off Eufy security and Soundcore to their own communities, and moved their support to those.

So for Eufy Security community

For Soundcore community

Post in the sub-brand community first, if you don’t then the reply you will see be to go to those sub-brand community first. So don’t post Soundcore issues here, you’d be pointed to the Soundcore community. Same with Eufy.

If you’ve posted in those other communities, don’t then duplicate the post here, as the different community members overlap and if you can’t get a reply there, you won’t here either.

If you don’t get a reply, wait. It may take a day or two for a user with experience to visit. Your precise thread title then becomes obviously essential so the right community member sees your thread easily and dives into help. You see now why search, then reply, then precise new thread title, is critical to help. A vague thread is easily ignored by the very person you seek.

Chances are if the right community didn’t help then have to move to email as next step.

Once you’re sure it’s not Soundcore community, not Eufy community, then:

Use Search first

Top right corner

Try different searches until you find the best thread, by default it searches by relevance which may find an old inappropriate thread. Sort by date to find newest, investing time in search help you find help faster.

Reply in best matching thread

After searching, reply in the best matching thread. It’s unlikely, but possible, you are the first person with the problem. Prior, someone else may already have the same issue and like you are waiting for a fix in a thread you should be replying in. If you reply in the best matching thread it helps build up attention.

You automatically will get notified of a reply, so it helps you to reply in a thread that later someone else replies with a fix.

Minimise new threads

Searching will have taught you a valuable lesson already - too many similar threads - so don’t yourself contribute to the problem!

If you cannot find a fix and cannot find a close match existing thread, then last resort, rarely, usually only for a newer product, do you help by making a new thread.

Make the title very specific to help it be found by others later. Product name has to be unique, often the product code is required, and key words of the issue. Bear in mind “doesn’t work” is not unique :wink: so search won’t find it. :expressionless:

As the title has to fit in a phone screen’s width - keep the product name short and to the left (so it’s seen clearly by fellow owners scrolling down quickly).

Details can be in the body.

The more the issue is focused into fewest (ideally single) thread, then when someone else comes back later after you, they will have an easier time finding the right best thread you needed to create. If though you badly create a new thread similar to existing thread then when a fix is found you risk it being replied in some other thread you don’t notice.

Be detailed - we’re not Psychic

While you know what product you own, with Anker making hundreds of products, often with similar or identical names and different versions, we don’t know unless you tell us. Product codes are shorter and more unique.

  • Did you know there are currently (time of writing) 6 Powercore 26800, and at least 5 5-in-1 hubs?
  • so which is yours?..

Use the product code ideally (written on packaging) and/or link to what you ordered (Amazon, etc).

It helps other members scrolling fast time to see product photos, if you can, to match to what they own.

Some threads were made so vague by people who then got frustrated as no reply, as their question was too vague for anyone to understand so couldn’t help.

Be as verbous specific as possible, as once your thread is open and being read, you need to elicit the precise solution. So specifics on hardware, software, screenshots, list all you’ve attempted already.

Most Anker products connect to something else (hub to laptop, cables connect), be detailed on the context.

e.g. “My phone” is vague, “my iPhone 6S Plus” is more specific. “My PC” is vague, “My Lenovo Thinkpad T440s” is specific. Etc.

Don’t Vent

It may surprise you, but you’re not talking with support here. This site is largely read by fans who share interests and experience with Anker products. The last time support showed themselves replying here was months ago.:unamused:

So being angry and complaining, to an assumed imagined Anker support engineer, is not true. What is true are users like yourself are here, some have useful applicable advice, many won’t. So it will not help you and put off those who may otherwise be willing to help.

Threats of “never buying again”, “I hope Anker reads this” doesn’t help you or anyone, it is largely whistling to the wind.

Contact the correct support

Originally everything was under Anker brand, then Anker grew and they formed sub-brands and focused specific support there. So while you may think Anker, often you need to go the other sub-brands to get help.

Anker support doesn’t particularly read here, if it’s not a problem you can find a fix here, then chances are none here can help. So contact support.

For Eufy , they have live chat , phone support, email. Details here (change the country to yours)

For Soundcore

For Nebula

Finally if it’s neither of Soundcore, Eufy, Nebula, then default is Anker support

After contacting support, if you find a fix, then re-invest in the relevant community by posting the fix so others searching find it.

Do the obvious first

These are the common replies you’ll get. If you get these replies it’s because either you didn’t do them yet, or didn’t say you’d tried them.

  • Try different cable. Most products have USB cable for charging these fray and age and so try a different cable first. Any “doesn’t charge” or “charges slow” asks for a different cable.
  • Try different charger. Chargers do fail and there are many different types of chargers, so try as many possible you have to hand.
  • Turn it off then on. Everything gets confused so off on can fix.
  • Turn off then on. Did you turn everything off then on? Everything else connected?
  • Reset. Search for the reset instructions, and follow them. Often the reset is not done properly so we’d say try again a few times.
  • Reset. Are you sure you actually reset? Did you press and hold long enough?
  • Reset. How do you know you actually reset? Did anything behave differently?


If you’ve gone to the correct community, searched, not found a fix, a new precise thread hasn’t got a fix, then contact support. If the unit is faulty then

  • gather evidence of fault, what you’ve attempted already (yes you did reset etc)
  • proof of purchase, serial number

Do not discuss Warranty issues in the Community

Do not use the community to infer commercial liability on Anker.

There is a class of user who is trying to get a refund / replacement / discount via discussion in the community. Do not do this in the commmunity, as community do not have insight into your warranty rights.

Rights relates to who, how, and when bought, which the community cannot verify so cannot discuss.

This is a community with shared interest in the product, who often can help each other faster than official support.


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Great post @professor :clap:

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These resources need to be sent to user / or better be shown to user when the community profile “is being created

Once the profile is created, these valuable and informational threads are rarely / seldom seen …

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great thought and post, as usual, by @professor

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I’d like the process of creating new threads to force searching, it does hint on a full desktop type browser but not on most phones, the hint is to the right which needs a wide screen, which phones aren’t.

So, reluctantly, I have to write this thread, and so point the noobs to it until it sticks.

Or we all walk away from support.

Common noob error is they assuming this is a support site, they thus vent and chase for replies.

Well said my friend.
Great idea for a post :+1:t2:

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Hey write your own :slight_smile:

Maybe this will help with some of the issues people are having. But they actually need to search first

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Great write up hopefully it will be helpful for new people. If not you can lead a horse to water but ya can’t make it drink. Very helpful post glad to see it pinned


Excellent info @professor.

Thanks for the well detailed post.

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