How to get deals; what does my level mean

what does it mean when i go to new level and how do i get discounts

Just wait till some new offers come up

are there a bunch of freebies or do most of the offers apply with purchases?

So firstly it is a good idea to know what you want and not be in a hurry. Most items come up for a discount every couple of months.

Next, Anker send out discount codes in a few different ways and not 100% consistently so it is a good idea to be subcribed to to get emailed discount codes, and to check Facebook and check this forum, as then you get to see pretty much everything.

From these 3 sources (email, Facebook, community) you will see discount codes and competitions and then do what is asked.

Free stuff in my experience is only from competitions, which are usually time-limited so you must check daily, much more common is discount codes for Amazon.

Sometimes you get just a free thing from left field unprompted.


wow! thanks for taking the time to explain that

Good explanation! :+1::ok_hand:

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