How to fix

My powerbank refused to charge. If i charge my phone into the powerbank the light immediately turn off.

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Is there enough charge in the powerbank? If so try to reset the powerbank by putting the charging cable (for powerbank) into the input and output at the same time. Basically put the charging cable in such a way that it looks like you’re charging the powerbank with itself

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I tried but nothing happened the 2 usb a is not working i charge the powerbank its seems ok but if i charge my phone using this power bank i cuts power immediately

Another cable?
Take a look at the sockets if there is any debris.
If so clean these.

Sounds like you need another powercore

What is the Powercore powerbank you are discussing here @adrianjaydelacruz

May be we can suggest the charging (required for Powercore) and troubleshooting based on the model

Do you get the same behaviour trying to charge any other device from the PowerCore other than your phone?